Monday, September 1, 2014

Come Read With Me

I must admit, I was a little saddened when I awoke to the sound of the school bus stopping at the house across the street. It seems as if summer just started yesterday and now kids across the country are once again back in school, cramming their heads with new concepts and being prepared to suffer through state testing in the spring.

In honor of all the students returning to school this fall, I have decided to share my reading list for the month with you. I also highly recommend mixing up a batch of Lemon Blueberry Sticky Buns to accompany your reading. 

1. The Giver (or for Kindle). I have a confession, I avoided this book like the plague when I was being forced to read it in middle school. I was one of those people who made it through school without reading anything. I was an avid reader in elementary school, especially when it came to the Baby Sitters Club books. I easily read over 100 of the series/spin-offs in that series. Then middle school hit and we were forced to read specific books and my love of reading vanished. The next book I picked up was The Notebook, when I was 21. Since then, I have read hundreds of books and greatly enjoy reading again now that nobody is telling me what to read.

I recently saw the movie (GASP! I know, I saw the movie before reading the book. This is not my usual way of doing things but I probably wouldn't have picked up the book without having seen the movie.) I must say that the movie was great and I am greatly looking forward to the book.

2. If I Stay This was recommended by a friend (and by Good Reads) because I loved Fault in Our Stars.

3. Dark Places Another book that I was told by a friend that I HAVE to read. I already read Gone Girl and it was a great book that wasn't the typical "cookie cutter" type of predictability that so many books are.

4. Ransom of Red Chief This is a classic short story that my Aunt was discussing at a family luncheon a few weeks ago. She had read it to my baby cousins that she was watching for a few weeks during the summer. After hearing about it, I decided that I needed to take a few minutes to read it.

5. My Paris Kitchen Just a few "previews" of this book's delicious looking pictures and how could I resist?

6. Heirloom Dessert Cookbook For those who know me, know that I am a big fan of classic and traditional aspects of life. I love the simplistic life style of the 1800s and have obtained quite a few old cookbooks. I like the challenge of trying to update the recipes to make them relevant to today's life style.

So now you know what I'm reading, what is on your reading list at the moment?

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