Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Come Read With Me

October is upon us my friends. The weather is finally starting to cool off, making it perfect for baking and spending time curled up with a good book. Check out some of my favorites I'll be reading this month.

Joy the Baker does it again with her AMAZING recipes. Make sure to check out her delicious desserts in this book!

This book is a great place to start if you're starting the switch to a "real food" diet. Great, flavorful recipes that are even healthy. 
Not sure you can count this as a "healthy" recipe book, but OMG, these desserts look amazing. 
My father hooked me on this series almost 8 years ago when it first came out in a Readers Digest Condensed Book. I need to restart the series so that I can remember what was happening. If you're looking for a easy, slightly humorous, escape from life, this book series is a great choice! 
I gotta read it because, well, everybody else is. 
Corruption? Violence? Murder? A perfect Halloween season read. 

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