Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have never been one to participate in the "thankful posts" on Facebook because I am thankful for the things in my life every day, but today I am thankful for all my readers and hoping that you are all able to spend the day with those you love and hold dear! I am enjoying the first Thanksgiving in several years that I have the opportunity to travel to see my family.

While I will be busy helping my mom in the kitchen to prepare the traditional foods, here are a few great recipes you'll want to check out!

Cranberry Apple Crisp - A delicious Thanksgiving breakfast or a light dessert.
Crepes with Cranberry Apple Compote  - Another great idea for a Thanksgiving Breakfast.
See what people across the USA are cooking up for Thanksgiving - Traditional foods from every state.
Make a cornucopia for your Thanksgiving table.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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