Friday, November 21, 2014

TGIF! Let's Celebrate!

Another Friday is upon us. The end to a beautiful week. Let's dive into the wonderful world of the Internet and see what has been happening around us.

  • Too much sugar in the American diet. Are they really just figuring this out? While I've known this for years and try to eat fairly healthy, it is scary to see just how much sugar the average American is eating. Men should be eating about 9 tsp of sugar and women should be topping out at 6 tsp. The average person consumes close to 19 tsp. of sugar. Check out the new website Sugar Science to learn more. 

  • If you're a huge book worm like me, or just a movie buff, you are probably going to watch The Mocking Jay Part 1 this weekend. I saw it at midnight. It was great! There is an amazing song in the movie. It's eerie yet fits the scene in the movie perfectly. But it's a bit of a spoiler. You've been warned. 

  • This gigantic relics always amaze me. I don't know how ancient civilizations managed to do these detailed sculptures, especially this large. I can only imagine how many huge technological advances have been lost over the years.

  • Thanksgiving at Biltmore. Reading this article and seeing these pictures, especially after having visited the estate myself, just makes me long for a time when life wasn't filled with so much technology, when human interaction & hard work is what created success and happiness. 

  • Black Cake. A boozy, Trinidad traditional cake filled with dried fruits. I think I might take a stab at making this next year. 

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