Friday, December 5, 2014

TGIF! Let's Celebrate!

The first Friday of December! I can hardly believe that in 20 days (less than 3 weeks!) it will be Christmas!

I am up early, preparing to head off in search of cooking ingredients. Since I make close to 36 dozen cookies, plus some candies, I have to double check everything to make sure I have everything I need written down. I know that I will be getting strange looks from the lady at the checkout, every year I get questioned about why I am buying such massive quantities of flour, sugar, sprinkles, spices, extracts, pounds of butter, and eggs.

I got my tree up and decorated last night. I feel like I am one of the few who still waits until after Thanksgiving to start on Christmas. Am I really all alone in thinking 1 holiday at a time is ok?

After a hectic week, I am sitting back catching up on all the things that I came across and bookmarked to look at when I had a little free time. After reading some of the latest news, I am struggling to wrap my mind around things.

Like this article about Ferguson. Leaving out the court's finding, why would anybody want to do this to their own town? I get that people are upset and that the town is divided over the outcome. Part of living in America is having the ability to PEACEFULLY protest and make opinions known. Destroying everything in sight is just unacceptable, no matter the color of your skin. It serves no purpose other than to increase negative stereotyping.

Sarah Palin's meme about Ferguson has caused quite a stir. I am not sure how I feel about it. It is a little on the distasteful/disrespectful side but, to me, it has a ring of truth in it.

On to happier notes, this version of Silent Night (one of my holiday favs) is amazing!

I love that there is a bit of magic still floating around in our society. I wish more people would invest in a few little things like these fairy doors versus trying to cause others pain.

I love archaeology and to me this is just amazing. In my opinion, a huge chunk of history has to be missing because there is no way that ancient people could have done this without technology.

Reading this, I am thankful that evolution has played a role in "redesigning" the crocodile. Could you imagine a galloping croc chasing you?

Something to keep in mind for the upcoming year: top prospective job field openings.

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