Friday, December 12, 2014

TGIF! Let's Celebrate!

Only 3 Fridays left in the year. I am not sure whether to be excited or sad at this fact. Time seems to slip away so quickly these days. Where can I resign being an adult?

McDonald's sales are dropping. In an attempt to regain some health-conscience consumers, they are releasing the details about what is actually in their food. Unfortunately, it still does nothing to make me want to set foot into their establishments. Finding out that there are 11 ingredients in them does not make me want to eat them. When I make chicken nuggets at home it contains chicken, flour, egg, salt, pepper, and the oil for frying.

This is an amazing tongue-twister poem that shows just how inconsistent the English language is. I can do this if I really focus but it made my head hurt!

Makes you wonder what else is lost to the bottom of the seas... lost Egyptian city. I with I could travel back in time and explore these ancient civilizations.

Beautiful pictures. Horrible grammar/spelling in the captions but the pictures are amazing. I love the orangutan.

Great news from one of our countries largest chains! I've always believed that not everybody is cut out for college. Anybody CAN do it, but not everybody learns well in a classroom. With the decline of factory jobs in this country, too many Americans are forced to turn to welfare or horrible minimum wage jobs to attempt to make ends meet. At least this shows some improvement on our large corporations efforts to improve things for its employees.

Dealing with your picky eater. Perfect for kids and fussy 33 year old fiances!

And I'll leave you with these Ghosts of Fast Food Past. Something about the Vintage McD's just screams of a simpler time. I would love to have millions of dollars I could invest in a small town and "redo" the entire town to look like it was in the 1950s. Restored historic shops lining the main streets. Vintage styled restaurants/diners. Old-school gas stations that are full service and you automatically get your oil checked and windshield cleaned while you wait. It would be heaven to me!

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